A.R.S § 13-911 Criminal Records to be Sealed Law

A.R.S § 13-911 Criminal Records to be Sealed is now Law in Arizona.


This new statute is the first of its kind in Arizona and aims to help those who have been arrested, charges and/or convicted of a crime, and have completed their sentence and remained crime free.  This is a fantastic opportunity for those who are eligible to have their criminal records sealed from public view (with a few exceptions that need to be explained on a case-by-case basis).

The Statute states in part:

13-911.Sealing of arrest, conviction and sentencing records; requirements; fee; appeal; definition

A. A person may file a petition to seal all case records related to a criminal offense if the person was:

  1. Convicted of a criminal offense and has completed all of the terms and conditions of the sentence that was imposed by the court, including the payment of all monetary obligations and restitution to all victims.
  2. Charged with a criminal offense and the charge was subsequently dismissed or resulted in a not guilty verdict at a trial.
  3. Arrested for a criminal offense and no charges were filed.

The full statute is provided in full here or at https://www.azleg.gov/ars/13/00911.htm

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