Civil Litigation

We handle Civil Litigation Matters

We also handle a variety of civil litigation matters.  These include contract disputes, commercial litigation, real estate litigation, and foreclosure matters.  If you need an attorney in one of these areas, please give us a call.  If we cannot handle your case, we can refer you to an attorney who can. 

In some circumstances, a client may not know they have insurance to cover defense of a claim.  In some situations we may be able to help you obtain representation paid by an insurance company if you have coverage.  There is no reason to pay a lawyer out of your own pocket if you have insurance that covers a potential claim.

If you are a plaintiff, one aspect of civil litigation that may sometimes be overlooked is the recovery portion of the case.  Yes, the portion of the case where you may actually get paid after prevailing on your claim.  We have utilized a number of collection remedies to assist our clients in recovering the funds they are entitled to.  These may include wage garnishment, bank garnishment, suspension of a driver’s license (defendant who causes an auto accident without insurance can have their license suspended until the debt is paid), property liens, and debtor’s examinations (an interview about one’s financial condition) which may lead to finding valuable assets.  What good is a judgment if you can’t or don’t collect on it?  In one unique case, a defendant was jailed for lying to the court about his assets and providing false reasons why he could not appear for questioning at the debtor’s examination.  This defendant was required to post the full amount of the judgment before he could be released from jail.  Our client was very pleased to receive full compensation.

Please call us if you need help in one of these areas.